Reiki Treatment


Reiki practitioners channel divine healing power through their hands which helps the body to heal itself.

No extra tools or products are required and it can be used as a part of every other method of healing.

It re-balances the human energy levels, strengthens the immune system and calms the mind.

Reiki is gentle and non-invasive and it never causes any harm.

Reiki is an holistic form of healing; it treats the source of any disease – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Simple and profound, it comforts, soothes, relieves pain, speeds physical healing, stops bleeding and releases emotional trauma from the present and the past.

Reiki activates the bodies’ self-healing mechanism.

Image by Ava Sol


Psychic Mediumship is the practice of making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living with those who still are.

Through meditation, I am able to connect with the spirit world and receive information from spirit guides, angels and departed loved ones, enabling me to relay messages of love and guidance to you.

I receive intuitive information, in which images and words appear as mental impressions, which I can then pass along to you, providing reassurance that we have connected with your particular loved ones, and that messages relayed are personal to you.