Festival Crowd


Be it corporate get togethers, festivals or personal gatherings - make your next event, even more impactful and fulfilling by capturing the mind, body and soul of everyone there.


Get in touch to explore how ReikiMeg can add a spiritual touch to your day. 


Infusing your day with Angel love, guidance and healing will engage your audience and leave them feeling enlightened and dramatically more focused and more positive.

ReikiMeg achieves this through:

Open platform Angel Readings

Private 121 Readings

Group Reiki infused mediation

Affirmation and manifesting your goals workshops

Chaka balancing and Crystal healing workshops

121 Reiki healing to cleanse negative energies and remove blockages

Workplace cleanses and event space energy setting

Raise the vibrations and power of positivity workshops

Contact me today to find out about my unique approach and to schedule an appointment.