Client Feedback

A beautiful Reiki and Reading session with Megann. Her messages are so clear and uplifting and her energy really holding and uplifting. Thank you for a lovely experience.


Lovely Megann has given me a Reiki session which was a new experience for me and highly recommended. Last week i felt very privileged when she called on her spirit guides to spend time with me. Some useful and inspiring thoughts for the future. I look forward to next time thank you Megann.


This was definitely a new experience for me but Megann was Amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The session was emotional but I came away feeling positive, calm and relaxed. Thank you so much xxx.


I really enjoyed my Reading/Reiki session with Megann! it was very positive and uplifting and I particularly enjoyed meditating with her and receiving Reiki healing to help let go of worries/stressors in my life. A great emphasis on loved ones sharing words of comfort and support during the reading, as well as helpful suggestions for the future. I'd recommend it!