Client Feedback

Received a lovely Reading from Meg and it brought thought provoking memories of such a variety of subjects, taking me back in time and reliving those thoughts of a particular person or place and problem solving symbolic information, all for which I am extremely grateful!

Even predictions, to look forward to giving me the incentive to hold on to my dreams!

Your accuracy, insight and honesty is refreshing!

You are so tuned in to Spirit and psychic intuition with a wonderful way and attitude about you.

Thank you so much Love and light 


A beautiful Reiki and Reading session with Megann. Her messages are so clear and uplifting and her energy really holding and uplifting. Thank you for a lovely experience.


I really enjoyed my Reading/Reiki session with Megann! it was very positive and uplifting and I particularly enjoyed meditating with her and receiving Reiki healing to help let go of worries/stressors in my life. A great emphasis on loved ones sharing words of comfort and support during the reading, as well as helpful suggestions for the future. I'd recommend it!


Lovely Megann has given me a Reiki session which was a new experience for me and highly recommended. Last week i felt very privileged when she called on her spirit guides to spend time with me. Some useful and inspiring thoughts for the future. I look forward to next time thank you Megann.


This was definitely a new experience for me but Megann was Amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The session was emotional but I came away feeling positive, calm and relaxed. Thank you so much xxx.